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John R. Gawsyszawski

Managing Partner

John R. Gawsyszawski is one of the founding owners of Airtegrity Aviation.  Prior to forming Airtegrity Aviation John was the CEO of Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies.  John was responsible for all facets of the organization for one of the largest Maintenance and Repair Organizations in California.  John also held the position of Executive Vice President for Air Services a division of Constant Aviation.  He was responsible for all the company’s Commercial Aviation programs and services.  John was one of the founding members of Constant Aviation’s Executive group and has led new program initiatives that produced double digit growth margins for 7 consecutive years.  Prior to his EVP role he was responsible for all maintenance operations in Cleveland, Ohio (CLE), Ft. Wayne, Indiana (FTW), Los Angeles, California (LAX), Birmingham, AL (BHM), and Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS).

John has worked with over 50 airlines in his 33-year aviation career including Virgin, Lufthansa, British Airways, Qantas, El Al, TAM, JAL, United, American, and Polar.  John’s experience working with foreign companies served him well later in his career when he joined Embraer Aircraft Corporation.

Prior to rejoining Air Services John was the Senior Customer Account Manager for Embraer Aircraft Executive Jets Division for North America from 2003 to 2007.  John led the Flight and Maintenance customer support teams for existing and potential customers of the LEGACY 600, and Lineage 1000 product lines.  He was also responsible for providing Market Intelligence for the design and development of the Phenom 100, and 300 aircraft and post support programs.

From 1996 to 2003 John worked with Air Services as the Manager of Airlines Operations and was eventually promoted to the position of Vice President of Maintenance.  During his tenure John’s team completed the first nose section replacement of an Embraer 145 in the history of Embraer.  John’s team went on to complete five additional nose section replacements.  John’s team was also the first and only group to remove and replaced two fuselage sections on an Embraer ERJ-170.

Prior to 1996 John worked for the United States Air Force on the B-1B Bomber Program.  John also worked for BOEING / McDonnell Douglas on the F/A 18 D Vertical Stabilizer Modification Program as a structural technician.

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